Walter Ciceri
Creative Developer
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I've always believed it could be done...
Ho sempre creduto che si sarebbe potuto fare...

But probably I made everything inside out.

Ma probabilmente ho sempre fatto tutto al contrario.
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The wall as a border for the imagination, The frame as the passage to go further.

Il muro come confine, la cornice come passaggio per andare oltre.

If we talk about material, nothing is more false than a photography, it closes the spaces in a subjective frame. But nothing is more true then a photography, if we talk about emotions.

Se parliamo di materia, niente è più falso della fotografia, chiude gli spazi in cornici soggettive. Ma niente è più vero della fotografia, se parliamo di emozioni.

Bodies at exhibition

Skin as the canvas of a picture. Description of existence.

La pelle come la tela di un quadro. Descrizione dell'esistenza


Other points of view

I would like a world where every human aspire to the "least worst", and doesn't always look for the best.

Mi piacerebbe un mondo dove ogni umano ambisca al "meno peggio", e non cerchi sempre e soltanto il meglio.

Image Features

Noise Cancelation

These images are equipped with an innovative noise cancellation concept. Mind noise of course.
If you look at them several times a day, they can lead to a desire to escape.

Color grading autoadapter

These images automatically adapt to your color tastes. If you don't find them beautiful, start asking yourself a few questions. You probably need to adjust the contrast in your feelings.

Water Proof

They are water resistant. Don't try to erase with a sponge. The risk is to seriously damage your device.